Sunday, January 27, 2013

Standing in a cold line

I'm the first to admit that as I grow older, the chilly temperatures seem to bother me more. But I seldom think of it because our home has a good furnace, our car has a good heater, and the thermostat is always turned up when I go into the office.

But then I heard from the girl friend of a prisoner the other day. He's in one of the several prisons in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I know enough about the UP to know that those folks really get a heavy dose of winter weather.

Well listen to this: Chow line is outside at this prison. So is the med line, and it's out in the wide open...not a bit of protection from the wind. They moved the med line to just about the farthest area from the housing units a couple years ago. The men have to stand back behind a line several yards on the pavement and wait until each person is served individually at the walk-up window. Who wants to stand out in the cold long enough to wait for nasty little portions of food? Who wants to stand in the line outdoors for a cold-only breakfast at 5:30? What about the elderly and those in poor health? And then go to health care call-outs for meds, just to stand in line outside many times a day?

The good thing is the state issues each prisoner a thin pair of brown gloves to keep their hands warm.

Meanwhile, I see notices on the TV to take care of your's too cold to leave them outside.

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