Gregory John McCormick: 1964-2008

Itchy is dead.

The lifeless body of this talented rock musician, whose band Shock Therapy was a popular group especially in Europe, was found in a field in Detroit last Wednesday, November 5. The Wayne County Coroner's office informed father Glenn McCormick that the body of his son Gregory, better known to all of us as Itchy, bore no signs of trauma. Glenn said that Itchy, who had been living at his father's dental lab in Detroit, had been drinking to excess for some time. While the toxicology report has not been released yet, the general consensus seems to be that he drank himself to death.

Our agency, while still named INNOCENT, first got involved with Itchy in 2005. The Detroit native, who called Germany his home, got involved in some unfortunate activity that placed him in the Michigan State prison system on a charge of arson of a dwelling. It was really just a bonfire in an alley, but an alleged parole violation placed him in prison for 1-20 years. I personally sat with Itchy for his final two parole board interviews. He had been flopped, or refused parole, by the Michigan Parole Board five times. There was no reason for this man to remain in prison, and he struggled in the prison environment. I agreed to help.

Meanwhile, we worked with his team in Germany on a regular basis with communications, and assisted regularly with financial arrangements while he remained in prison. Our office has two huge files labeled Gregory McCormick.

We finally helped him to obtain his parole, he was freed in June, 2007, and I was at the prison gate to welcome him!

But alcohol became a problem almost immediately.

He had such big plans to hold fund-raising concerts for Humanity for Prisoners, and to take Marcia and me to Germany in thanks for all of our work on his behalf. But he couldn't get his emotions together, seemed to resist professional help, and just could not get on top of things. Whatever stamina he had before incarceration was shattered by the prison system.

We can't win them all.

There will be no funeral service. Glenn McCormick is hoping for a simple cremation, and is making an effort to have the ashes sent to Itchy's beloved Germany.

Persons wishing to remember Itchy may do so by sending memorial gifts to:

20 W. Muskegon Avenue
Muskegon, MI 49440

I am sad. He was a dear friend. I extend sincere sympathy to all of his family and friends.

Auf Wiedersehen, Itchy.

Doug Tjapkes, President


Vladd77 said…
I was sad to read of the death of Gregory McCormick. I used to talk to a close friend of his from Germany ( just can't remember his name )and even had a link out on my the petition that was up for his parole. I removed the link once I understood that he was free.
I know he suffered greatly in prison and, as one now understands, for a 'crime' that was actually just a bagatelle.

Hopefully he is in a better place.

Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
knew Itchy back before his prison days and he wasn't a nice person. I ran into him at a pub during the day and we had a pleasant conversation. I thought he had changed and mellowed out a bit. Perhaps it was his girlfriend, although she sneered at me the entire time. All we spoke about was the old band days (I used to play in the same scene as he did). They left the pub before I did, and when I came out to my car, one of them had keyed my car across the entire hood and down one side. They were the only other people there besides me, so it was one of them who did it. Might as well have been both if the other person didn't stop the perpetrator.

Itchy also had a class move called "rip off the opening band." Some friends of mine opened for Shock Therapy and rather than pay them their share, as promised, he left the venue will all the money. He didn't even pay his band members. Itchy was a low-life, selfish jerk; possibly sociopathic.

It may be considered impolite to speak ill of the dead, but Itchy walked a path he made for himself and it does not surprise me that he ended up this way. Sad for his family and friends, but it was inevitable.
Unknown said…
I had a very different experience than Maude. Itchy and I were friends for about two years; we met about doing some music videos together. He was always kind and generous with me, and though he did not have the funds to make the videos happen, he never misled me about that. He gave me free CDs, and we spent hours in his basement discussing ideas and listening to music.

I lost touch with him in about 1998, and just found his CDs, so I went online to find him and contact him. I am stunned that he is dead, just stunned. No way to say goodbye either. And so shocked to hear what happened to him.

Life takes strange twists and turns. I can only say that, if Maude's story is true, that I am glad I had such a different experience of Itchy.
Maín Odío said…
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Maín Odío said…
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Maín Odío said…
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Maín Odío said…
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Unknown said…
I was his friend in prison and out after his release till he passed away. I believe his brother said that it was pneumonia that got him. Maude Lebowski nailed his personality. He was all over the place. Although he was cool to me he admitted ripping off bands, violently attacking people including his family. Once our freedom was gained we chose two different routes.RIP Gregory

Unknown said…
Greg could be very amicable, and he may have been humbled a bit in prison, but he was highly narcissistic and emotionally damaged. Not a good combo. May he Rest In Peace.
Unknown said…
Hello Doug I hope you are well. I guess a lot has happened since this post, I was there when you got him free. His friends had all but abandoned him very few kept ties. Cliff and myself along with a handful of german musicians played an 8 gig tour in 2018 to celebrate the music of Shock Therapy they ough Germany we were a tribute. Unfortunately the promoter tried to say we were shock therapy and that was a noo no for the band. There will only ever be one Itchy. Not replaceable. We kept our word to play those shows and never got paid so I guess the spirit of Itchy was with us all along lol. No matter what you think of Greg I both admired and was terrified of him. He had no one in the end I talked to him 2 weeks before he was found.. He told me all his big plans and sounded like he might be on track but words are deceiving. I know he didn't plan to die that way. His appetite for excess was insatiable and he tried to pick up where he left off after 8 years of clean and sober. And it was just too much. R. I. P. Itchy I think we paid him a nice homage on the tour and the fans appreciated it sang along and showed us love. I wish it could have been him up there on that stage. But we know his music still draws a nice crowd. One time only. Never again when evil people try to capitolize off the dead. I was just proud to have been asked. He was a friend completely damaged but still a friend. Scott Mick theatre of shock therapy tribute. germany tour 2018
Unknown said…
Itchys little brother Jeff passed away June 8th 2020. He was a great friend. I only met itchy a couple times at his place in Plymouth. Their Dad is still alive.

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