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holiday greetings

How many times have you heard someone express regret that a loved one is no longer with us? If only given one more opportunity, bridges would be rebuilt, friendships would be rekindled, arguments would be buried, hard feelings would be erased. I was given that rare opportunity in 2010. I am so aware of that this holiday season, because I nearly missed this holiday observance. Christmas had new and deeper meaning for me this year. My relationship with my wife, our extended family and especially our grandchildren has a richness even exceeding that which I had felt before. Prayers, thoughtful gestures, kind deeds and beautiful expressions of concern gave friendship a completely new meaning in 2010. And the unconditional love expessed by hundreds of prisoners, some of whom we have helped and many whose lot in life never improved despite our feeble efforts, has permanently etched a commitment in my heart to do my best, for as long as I have, for these children of God. Thank you for