Thursday, January 31, 2013

Patrina finally arrived

I don't know anything about Patrina Brown. All I know is that she was a prisoner in Michigan, and she got sick. Illness is just as ravaging, just as devastating, in prison as it is in open society. That's what happened to Patrina.

There's only one prison for women in Michigan, and one of our friends there sent me this short message this week: "I just thought I would let you know that Trina Brown passed away last night at the hospital (prison infirmary). She got pneumonia and her heart gave out. I don't think she has any family."

When I shared that message to friends, the wife of a prisoner said to me, "I don't even want to imagine what happened to that poor lady. Was she getting any decent amount of meds? Did she die of a broken heart? The MDOC makes me sick."

I pressed my friend in prison for more information, but didn't learn much more. "Patrina Brown was her name. She passed two nights ago. I think someone was working on it, but she didn't make it that far. She is way better off than spending 9 more years here."

I can only agree with that last statement.

I am confident that Trina was met with open arms by the Gentle Shepherd who shared these words: "I was in prison and you visited me."

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