Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mentally ill in an Ionia prision

Because we closed our mental institutions in Michigan, many of the mentally ill eventually wind up in the state prison system. Some of our sources say as many as 50% of Michigan's prisoners could be experiencing some type of mental illness! Of those who go to prison, a number of the serious mental cases are going to what is called Level Five of the Ionia Maximum Correctional Facility. The HFP office has been bombarded with letters of complaint within that division. Some of our sources are excellent, are willing to sign their names, and have collected affidavits from other courageous prisoners. Here's a sample of what they claim is going on, as received in a letter today:

They use any excuse to use chemical agents on these guys...all are mental health caes and do not require such excessive use of force. A psychologist should speak with and be present whenever a mental health patient is to be gassed.

Staff is not properly trained to deal with mental health patients. Their idea of treatment is to place one in restraints, tie them to the bed, and gas them with chemical agents.

Another of their tools is the use of industrial fans, regardless if there's snow on the ground and no heat. Officers will turn them on to drown out the noise. So if someone is screaming in pain, needs medical attention, is mutilated or dying, they can't hear him.

During rounds they do not check the condition of the prisoner...they just look for what appears to be a body, and keep moving. It has been tested several times with dummies in the bed, and always works. Even the nursing staff refuse to talk during their rounds, saying you must submit a medical request in writing.

The worst issue is that the Physician's Assistant and nurses have this general rule they tell staff and inmates: If a guy takes an overdose, leave him in his cell unless he falls out; if a guy cuts himself, patch with band-aids and put him back in his cell. Don't send or take anyone to healthcare or the hospital...all to save a buck. And thus the mentally ill end up with ugly scars and deformities, and they laugh at them as if it's a joke...so eventually you have deaths.

How would you feel if your mentally challenged loved one lived in this environment?

We promise to help, but your financial support makes that possible. We need you today!

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