Monday, February 22, 2010

Spencer Hassevoort: a real champion!

When Spencer Hassevoort agreed to race his snowmobile for charity, who would have guessed? The results are in!

The youngster from Spring Lake, Michigan, would drive his vintage snow machine on two Saturdays in January, and two Saturdays in February...three events per Saturday in the BEVRA sanctioned races at Lakeview, Michigan: Stock A, Stock B, and Super Stock.

We began taking pledges per race, many HFP contributors showing a willingness to double their money if he captured a first place trophy. And so he went after first place trophies with a vengeance!

Saturday #1, two first places and one second
Saturday #2, two first places and one second
then he ratcheted up his performance!
Saturday #3, three first place trophies!
Saturday #4, three first place trophies!

All this from a 12 year old lad, racing in an adult world.

Our congratulations to Spencer for a sensational performance, and for his generosity in helping HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS!

Our thanks to those who pledged. We welcome your contributions this week!

It was a great season!

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