Friday, November 15, 2013

Third world jail? Nope, Michigan prison

I've had it!

We may not treat women this way!

You've been reading and hearing about the toilet and shower shortages during remodeling and repairs in one of the women's prison units. At one point, 74 women with no toilet...inmates forced to go to the unit next door.

Now the HFP office is hearing complaints from women in that unit, who were told to drink less water so they wouldn't have to go to the bathroom as often. These comments came right from a Michigan prison, operated with your tax dollars and mine:

People are dehydrated, with sick stomachs, from not being able to go #2

One girl went to the desk and asked for a bag, she couldn't hold her poo any longer. Officer gave her a paper towel

Some girls had to pee in their trash can

Some officers don't even announce bathroom loud, and if you don't hear it and miss it, too bad...another two hours

They constantly yell at us telling us to hurry up, hurry have 3 minutes to use the bathroom. Under that pressure, who can even go to the bathroom?

Showers, we are told 10 minutes, and that includes getting dressed and undressed. You barely get your body wet and they are yelling at you again: “Shower's up, get out, turn that water off now, hurry up, Ladies...others are waiting”

We are forced to stuff and stuff and stuff whatever feelings or emotions we may be having. If it gets voiced, we are threatened with a ticket

This could be your mother, your sister, your daughter, your niece.

Make you feel proud to be a Michigander?

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