Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bladder full, and no place to go

The sad treatment of women in the Michigan prison system reached another peak this week. Actually, it's been building up for weeks, as crews have been working in the prison system to improve the bathrooms...toilets and showers. The problem is, they start a job, close down some units...then don't show up for a few days. Then they start a new job without finishing the old job. And soon you have an array of toilets and showers that are shut down.
We've been receiving steady complaints about this, but yesterday came the worst one. Our friend Dora said that two weeks ago the construction crew closed their bathroom, leaving the unit with one toilet and one shower for 74 women. This week, the crew came in and shut down the final facility. Now, if the women must go to the bathroom, provisions have been made for them to go next-door to what is called the "acute unit." It's the secure area where the mentally disturbed people are housed.

These people don't understand this sudden influx of prisoners to use their toilets, and they're not pleased. The tension is causing problems.

Meanwhile, prison officials are advising the inmates to cut down on their water intake. Then they won't have to go so often. Inmates are complaining that they feel dehydrated, and they're complaining that they are forced to wait hours to use a toilet.

And the sad thing is that the prisoners report that not one of these jobs is completed yet! How simple would it be to start a job, and finish it, before starting up a new one?

This doesn't border on is pure, unadulterated harassment!

When our pets express the need to relieve themselves, we let them outside to go. Our prisoners don't have that luxury.


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