Maurice would be pleased

That divine intervention has played a key role in the start-up, continued operation, and future of HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS is not even a question. It has now reached the point of being an amazing phenomenon.

HFP started out based on the dream of the late Maurice Carter, a wrongly convicted prisoner who served 29 years for a crime he did not commit. I wasn't entirely excited about launching the project, originally called INNOCENT! But Maurice was determined that his negative situation should be turned into something positive.

And so doors opened---a generous donor gave us free office space and supplies, a supportive attorney did all the tricky legal work to obtain our IRS 501c3 status, and our efforts began touching the lives of prisoners within days. But how could it keep on going?

-It was being operated by one person already at retirement age
-Its goals were quite unpopular in most circles
-It couldn't generate enough revenue to make any type of progress
-Its board members served mainly as a gesture of friendship to the director.

But, through thick and thin, HFP survived. And despite a life-threatening illness, its director rebounded with renewed purpose and conviction. Divine intervention.

The subject of continuity and succession, which no one wanted to talk about but everyone began to think about, was abruptly resolved when young Matthew agreed to serve as an executive assistant. Divine intervention.

The personality of the board changed, one person at a time, to the point where each member is not only excited about the ministry, but determined to put it on a path of growth and expansion. Divine intervention.

And some outside sources are expressing a willingness to help the organization become financially sound. Divine intervention.

Maurice would be pleased.

God obviously has been from the start.


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