Saturday, December 1, 2012

When will it stop?

I had sort of lost touch with Pete. He's in a prison in California, his writing is so small I can hardly read it, and now that HFP takes cases only in Michigan there was little reason to be communicating.

But this week I heard from him. Still tiny print. Still hard to read. But this time it was not only difficult, it was painful.

Pete's prison has been in lockdown a lot lately...he didn't say why. But that means that inmates can't get out. In his case, it was worse.

He said that he was brought breakfast and lunch in paper bags, which were shoved through the opening in the door. Dinner was also served through the same slot. The door, locked from the outside, was never opened so he could get out, so there was no human contact for a month. There was no window in the tiny room, which he described as the size of a closet.

He had no radio or TV to help pass the time, and he said his newspaper subscription had expired several months ago.

Said Pete: "I've been out of touch for three months."

I need someone in the field of corrections to explain to me all the positive reasons for this type of incarceration.

I'll bet money that the only thing that results from this terrible segregation is mental deterioration.

Pete describes it as a nightmare, especially since he claims wrongful conviction.

I contend that, regardless of guilt or innocence, it's a crime on behalf of the state.

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