Saturday, December 29, 2012

They're just prisoners

Some end of the year thoughts.

It was a week ago that I wrote about the women being so cold in a couple units of Huron Valley. It doesn't have to be that way. The fans on the cold air return can be turned down. We complained, all the way to the top.

Just got word as to how the state responded. Our source tells us that a sergeant ordered that everyone in the cold area be issued a blanket. It wasn't a heavy blanket, but at least it helped the girls stay warm. Two days later, they collected all the blankets again. So much for staying warm in the bleak mid-winter. After all, they're just prisoners.

And on another subject, for several years we've been wondering how a seemingly inept judge who persists in abusing his power remains on the bench in Berrien County. Judge Wiley mistreated a client of ours to such an extent that it was an outrage. The man was a professional, with no prior arrests, who was involved in an unpleasant incident that police and a prosecutor and Judge Wiley escalated into a major case. Our friend is in prison, and will be there for years if his legal efforts fail.

And then this week, almost the same thing happened to an Indiana woman who made the mistake of muttering some oaths under her breath in the court clerk's office in Berrien County. Judge Wiley decided that was highly inappropriate, and ordered her arrested and jailed. And just like in the aforementioned case, when it appeared that bond would secure her release, he upped the bond. Instead of spending Christmas with her loved ones, this professional woman---again with no prior arrests---spent 8 days in the horrid Berrien County jail. Her rights were no longer important...she was just a prisoner.

We're hoping that appropriate steps will be taken against Judge Wiley this time. And we stand ready to help. We have some excellent ammunition from the prior case.

They may be just prisoners to Judge Wiley.

We see them as the faces of God.

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