Friday, December 14, 2012

It's why we're here

Seems like we hear stories like this every holiday season.

62 year old inmate Mr. D. is in poor health. He uses walking assistance and is going deaf.

He had gotten robbed several times after receiving a store purchase of $85. But fortunately he found a room-mate who watched out for him, and that stopped the robberies for a few months. This nice roomie would also alert him for call-outs---meal time, counts, etc., as he can't hear. Some think perhaps dementia is even setting in.

Well, the nice guy got transferred, and Mr. D. now has a new room-mate. He was just robbed again. But this time the thieves stole all his property, including a footlocker that contained not only his personal belongings but his legal papers to try to fight his case. They stole his radio and head-set. They tried to steal his TV set but it was zip-locked in place.

As far as we know, the prison did not conduct any searches, because it would have been relatively easy to find a footlocker, one would think.

And because he cannot hear them call him, the guards are now writing Mr. D. tickets for missing his call-outs, and have punished him by putting him on cell he cannot leave his cell.

Our sources tell us that Mr. D. is a veteran and should be covered by VA for hearing aids, but we are told that the prison will not let him use this service. We are unable to confirm this.

All I can say is that regardless what you hear from the top, all this talk about compassion for Michigan inmates is just that: talk. We still have a long way to go.

This is no isolated incident. It just happens to be one that caught the attention of an HFP informer.

We're now on the case, and we'll update the story.

Pray for Mr. D. and many others in similar circumstances.

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