Thursday, December 20, 2012

This. too, is why we're here

If you read the previous post, you'll certainly want to follow-up with this one.

It was the sister of Mr. D. who gave all of that information to HFP, and today we're pleased to advise her that some progress has been made.

We've learned over the years that every problem cannot be solved at the top. In fact, sometimes one must start very near the bottom. So in this case, we simply contacted one of our good friends behind bars, an inmate at the same facility.

We knew that we could count on Mr. R. He's a former executive, with take-charge skills. We passed along the information that we had received from the sister of the suffering inmate.

It's the Christmas season, and Mr. R. responded to our appeal for help saying he was "Santa's helper."

His word to us: "Two very capable older prisoners have taken him under their wings. I believe you and his sister can rest for a while."

May Mr. D. have a peaceful Christmas.

May the Prince of Peace be near every prisoner this holiday season.

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