All writing is a form of prayer - John Keats

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Prayers for prisoners

I'm so excited. I'm holding in my hand a brand new book that actually had its origin right here in the HFP office.

It's called THE PRISONER'S PRAYER BOOK, and it was written by a dear friend of ours, Louise Reichert of Marquette, Michigan. Louise and I have worked together for the past several years, as she was advocating on behalf of a seriously ill prisoner. When I discovered that she was a gifted writer of prayers I began forwarding prisoner problems to her that we encountered in our work. Each time she skillfully penned a short, gritty prayer that could have been uttered by the prisoner. And should have been. And from that we started dreaming of a book.

Today, that book is a reality. It's a masterpiece. 100 meaningful prayers on issues faced by prisoners every day. I'm going to do my best to get the book into the hands of every Michigan prisoner who wants a copy. And I challenge prison programs in other states to do the same. Go to our website and find out how your $25 can purchase a copy for yourself and place a copy in a prison cell.

Get a copy right away. You'll be touched. You'll understand my enthusiasm.

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