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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mr. or Ms. Anon keeps giving

Way back when Maurice Carter was alive, and we founded the organization INNOCENT, a very kind person on the other side of the state (based on the postmark) began sending anonymous contributions to our office in Grand Rapids. Once every month or two, I would receive a crumpled little envelope with squiggly writing on it. Inside I would find a sheet of lined paper folded up, and there a five dollar bill. No note, no message, no name, no address, no nothin.'

And it has never stopped.

Maurice has gone to heaven. INNOCENT is now HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS. Our office is no longer in Grand Rapids. Neither is it in Muskegon anymore.

My former employer gets the envelopes now. I would like to thank the donor, and advise him/her that our address has changed. But we have no idea who it is.

I have a feeling that this is another example of the widow's mite. We treat the contributions the same as we would a major gift. Each time the gift gets recorded and deposited. And we take care to spend that 5 dollar bill just as carefully as we do all of our precious funds.

I wish I could thank this donor. Somehow, I believe that he/she feels our gratitude.

Meanwhile, the gifts keep coming.

And we keep going.

HFP is blessed to receive many small gifts. Small, but not insignificant.

For all of them we are thankful.

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