Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More on birthday wishes

The unwritten policy of HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS is based on an old, anonymous slogan: You have never really lived until you've done something for somebody who can never repay you.

I guess that's why I'm so taken aback when expressions of kindness come to me from prisoners. Now I'm making it sound like these expressions are infrequent. Quite the opposite. They're coming all the time, and you'd think I would get used to it. But I don't.

A birthday comes, and I receive a home-made card, beautifully created by a woman in Michigan's women's facility. These people have no money for guards, but their artistic skills are amazing.

A letter comes from a dear friend in another facility. I should have expected it.

A series of telephone calls from prison. I can't even imagine how they remember my birthday.

And now, a $10.00 check in honor of my birthday, from a prisoner whose monthly wage is less than most hourly wages on the outside. I am just astounded.

I often say that some of the nicest people I have ever met are in prison, and some of my best friends are in prison.

No wonder Jesus was so intent on having us care about them.

There are beautiful people both inside and outside. I can prove it.

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