Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What took so long?

Sometimes you just hafta shake your head.

A happy message arrived in the HFP office this week:

GOOD NEWS FOR A CHANGE! I just received a phone call from Harry, in prison. He has received his orthotic arch supports. No more pain in his legs and feet, knees and lower back. Apparently the prison administration decided he can have them after all, and so now he does not have to file a civil lawsuit to get what he doctor had prescribed already long ago.

The amazing part of this little story is that it took months to get this good news. Grievances had to be filed, complaints had to be made, and because Harry is a Dutch citizen there was international communication and involvement. All over arch supports. All over something that was prescribed by a doctor long ago. All over something that was working in the past. All because someone obviously consumed with power to make controversial decisions decided that Harry no longer needed the inserts for his shoes. Shouldn't a prisoner be expected to suffer pain?

One wonders if we'll have get this train back on the tracks again.

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