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Friday, July 1, 2011

I'll say a prayer for you

How often do you make that statement, when someone shares a need or a problem with you? It's often how Christians respond. It's kind and reassuring. It's what we do for each other. And then we go about praying for this person or this need in private.

I must tell you about an experience yesterday.

I was speaking with a Christian brother in prison, and we were talking about the status of my health. This has been a topic of concern for the past year, after a one-year battle with a staph infection. I nearly lost my life several times. I'm grateful now for every day of my new life. BUT, as I shared with my friend in prison, I get very nervous now when a minor health issue comes up. For example, I have been troubled with, what I believe, was just a bout with the flu this week. But I immediately worry that the staph infection may be returning. As I explained that to Mike, he interrupted me and immediately launched into a brief prayer for me! He didn't say "I'll be praying for you." He did it. And I was touched as I sat listening to him claim the promises of Jesus, praying for good health and calmness of spirit for me.

It's not really that hard to do, this business of living our Christianity right up front...we're just not used to doing it.

That's the way my friend in prison lives. His Christianity is more exemplary than mine.

I share the story because I see it time and again. There are beautiful Christians behind bars. May we never forget it.

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