Saturday, July 2, 2011

I should be worrying about growing pains

But instead, I'm worrying about survival.

As we approach the birthday of the land of the free, the home of the brave, this is hard for me to imagine.

Are we the only ones who see the problem?

One of our nation's greatest heroes, if not the greatest, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., made this profound statement that could be one of our business slogans: INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE.

Our Board of Directors will hold a quarterly meeting next week, and in preparation for that I have been reviewing some of our activity records for the first half of this year. We could use and should have a paid staff of several people tackling issues of major importance.

Instead, we're operating on a shoestring with a long list of committed professionals who ask nothing more than to remain anonymous.

If you can believe this, already this year, we have been involved in the rescue of a just-released prisoner stranded on the streets of Ann Arbor, and another stranded on the streets of Grand Rapids. We helped a released mom to get transportation, and then found the funds to cover expenses in making the vehicle road worthy.

And we're still working with teams of highly qualified professionals to find freedom for a prisoner who was promised credit for time served if he testified against a known criminal. He did, and now the state is dragging its heels. We're trying to find the right formula to get examinations and treatment for a prisoner who claims to be going blind, and we're trying to help another prisoner get on top of health problems that have him worried beyond belief..

We're putting together an amazing team that will try to help a kid who, at the age of 14, was wrongly accused of being a sexual predator and given 40-80 years in prison by a judge with no conscience, even though his mother isn't interested in getting any help for him.

Now tell me, doesn't this impress you when you read it? If you were a donor to our program wouldn't you be pleased with what your money is doing? Wouldn't you be excited about prospects of growth and expansion to handle all of these issues?

Why, then, are we struggling to raise a measly little $8,000 a month? Where are others who are excited about doing good, and who abhor injustice? Why aren't they lined up behind us?

We don't have the time to analyze all of this, as we have problems to solve.

Think about it, let us know, give us ideas, continue to pray for us, and please remain in partnership with us.

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