Thursday, May 12, 2011

She cares!

My new friend Cindy Anderson received a beautiful award last week. She was named the 2011 WOMAN OF THE YEAR by Counterpart, a fine service club based in Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysburg, Michigan.

In the presentation, there was much talk about her professional skills, her fine work on behalf of her church, and her reputation as the person to go to when you want to get things done. No argument there.

But, one thing on Cindy's record tops them all, in my book. She and her friend Wendy Creason formed an organization in our community called 100 OR MORE WOMEN WHO CARE. These women get together once every quarter to help community-based 501C3 charitable organizations. They vote for a different agency each time, and then agree to personally write a check for $100 to that organization. The number of women who care now totals around 300. Just imagine what it means to a small, struggling, charity to receive a windfall of approximately $30,000!

Cindy told me that the movement actually started in Jackson, Michigan, and is now spreading to many communities. What a wonderful thing! If you are living in a community that doesn't have such an organization, what's to stop you from getting something like this started? There is no way to measure how many lives will be touched. There is no way to measure how many lives have been touched since Cindy and her friend Wendy started this wonderful activity in our town.

In my opinion, the greatest compliment of them all should be, SHE CARES.

Congratulations, Cindy.

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