Saturday, May 14, 2011

It helps a lot of people

HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS helped Mary Ann in obtaining freedom for her mentally challenged brother who was in prison, and she never forgot it.

Seeing that HFP had an online auction this past week to help us meet budget, she sent me a note. "I figured it would be just as good to send you a straight-out check."

"I remember one time after our parents passed, my brother Arn showed me $800 he had found among their belongings. I told him to keep it because he had so little and he could use it. He left the house and returned an hour later. I said, 'Where were you?' The local volunteer rescue needed donations to buy a piece of equipment for their ambulance. He had gone to give them the money! At first I was annoyed, and said 'That money could have helped you.' He replied, 'this way it can help a lot of people.'

Mary Ann sent a check for $500 to HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS.

We can all learn from Arn's reasoning: THIS WAY IT CAN HELP A LOT OF PEOPLE.

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