Saturday, May 28, 2011

Prisoners caring for prisoners

Prisoners can't really afford to contribute to charity. Monthly wages of most prisoners, if they have jobs, total about the same as pocket change for you and me. That's why it's all that much more meaningful when a group of prisoners contacts HFP to report a fund-raising drive for our charitable organization. The last time the guys did that at Ionia Max they raised well over a hundred bucks. This comes from money that is terribly important to prisoners. It's money they use for spending at the state store. It's money they use for cards and gifts for family and friends, as well as for their own personal needs, and it's in short supply.

All of this came to mind when I went to the post office this morning and found only one envelope. I was hoping to find more, because contributions haven't met our expenses for the month of May.

It was a letter from behind bars. David said, "I know your needs are great, especially as gas prices continue to wreak havoc on everyone in the real world." The envelope contained a check for $25 from his prison fund, accompanied by these words: "Please use this money however you see fit to further God's kingdom through the work of HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS."

No gift of any size, no words of any length, could have meant more.

God bless David.

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