Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our daily bread

The Lord's Prayer was used and heard far more often when I was a kid, I think. We learned it in the private school I attended, we recited it in Sunday School and catechism classes in church. Worshipers often recited the prayer in unison. And my dad often would have me offer the prayer before our evening meal.

I was thinking about the petition asking for our daily bread this morning. I visited the physician who arguably saved my life last October by surgically implanting a feeding tube in my body. For the next six months carefully prepared formula replaced bread in my diet, but it was never late. God still cared for me daily. The truck delivering the cans of liquid nutrition was always on time. And since then my health has been improving. My doctor was encouraged by the progress brought on by the feeding tube, and that particular form of my daily bread.

All of this to say that I hope we never lose the importance of the prayer that Jesus taught us, and I encourage its use more frequently.

And that should prompt a prayer of thanksgiving.

"Thank you for my daily bread.

And for the health and strength it provides."

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