Friday, June 3, 2011

Where to perform

All the world's a stage, according to Shakespeare.

Yet we can't find a venue for our play.

Here's the deal.

Two award-winning playwrights have written a delightful stage play based on the story of Maurice Carter and Doug Tjapkes. If you're not familiar with the story I invite you to read the book SWEET FREEDOM. It's not a best seller. You can probably go right to Amazon's used books department and find a copy for a few bucks. It's a love story, based on my nine-year attempt to free Maurice from prison. He served 29 years for a crime he did not commit.

Alicia Payne and Donald Molnar of Toronto learned of the story and obtained some grants to do a thorough research of the tale. They were so captivated that they wrote a most beautiful play that involves a small cast of characters and a small gospel choir. Marcia and I were guests of the playwrights at a performance in a historic church in downtown Toronto last summer. If we or they could persuade the right people to read the play and see all or a part of it performed the production would be off and running. But trying to get exposure is the problem. I invite you to read about the play by going to in your computer. And then I ask for your help.

One day it could be traveling the country for performance in churches for Christian groups, and in little theatres for secular drama groups. Hopefully, by then, it can be a major fund-raiser to keep HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS operating.

What can you do to help? Do you know someone? Do you know someone who knows someone?

Please contact the playwrights at the Arbez Drama website, or contact us on our website.

The story of MAURICE CARTER'S INNOCENCE deserves to be told, and needs to be heard by thousands.


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