Tuesday, May 13, 2014

When little is much

Matt and I were reminded of that widow who Jesus watched dropping two pennies into the temple treasury, as I opened the mail yesterday.

For some reason contributions to HFP came to a screeching halt 4 days in a row; the kind of drought that gives us concern. Things seemed exceptionally quiet after a highly successful matching fund promotion last month. I became all that more disheartened when I found no donor envelopes in the post office box...instead, more envelopes from prisoners. Invariably that means more HFP work, and for the moment, no compensation.

I opened envelope #1---a $10 money order from a prisoner in the U.P. whom we had helped.

I opened envelope #2---A $200 donation from the Prisoner Benefit Fund at Kinross Correctional Facility, thanks to the recommendation of a fine group of prisoners belonging to the National Lifers Association.

I opened envelope #3---A $20 gift check from a dear friend in the women's prison at Ypsilanti.

These three unexpected gifts won't put our monthly collections over the top, but they certainly put our pride right up there! There could be no higher praise for HFP than to receive three financial gifts from behind bars, all in one day!

We're hoping that this unusual demonstration of support will be instrumental in firing up our base again. This is proof positive that our assistance is appreciated.

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