Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's how God works

I prayed for my friend David, but couldn't see how God could really help him.

David's on the sex offender registry. He was wrongly convicted, but that makes little difference. The courts said he was guilty, so that makes him a sex offender, and the sex offender spin-off makes his life hell.

He can't live in many neighborhoods because of the proximity of schools, etc.

Neighbors know about the registry, and they're wary.

Police know about his whereabouts, and they keep a constant eye on him.

Besides all that, he's on disability, so he cannot get a job. He has no money, no family to help, and so he lives on a very small monthly income and an inadequate supply of food stamps. He has learned how to survive with almost nothing, and with almost no help.

And yet, over time, he has proven himself. Many in the community have come to know him, and realize that he's an OK guy, a straight shooter. He's angry about the way the system treated him, but he doesn't take it out on his friends. He studied law while in prison, and knows what has to be done to clear his record, but he has no money for legal assistance.

So many problems, so many needs.

Then, the other day, a little girl came to his door. He couldn't tell what she wanted...he was unable to understand her. She obviously had some physical and mental challenges. This could be a serious problem for a convicted sex offender, so he played his cards right. He kept her on the front porch where she could be seen, immediately called 911 and as one might expect, police responded promptly. The lost child was returned to her parents.

But that was not the end of the story.

Today the father came to David to shake his hand and personally thank him. The man is an attorney, and he's running for judge. He listened to David's story and believed him. He has a lawyer friend who deals with cases of alleged judicial misconduct, and who will take a look at David's case without cost.

Life suddenly has new meaning. The sun is a little brighter, the sky a little bluer, and the grass a bit greener.

You'd think I would know this after all these years: It's the way God works!

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