Saturday, May 10, 2014

The real hero remains on his throne

There are times when we appear to be heroes, and that is not the case.

Our most recent effort to improve the lot of a mentally challenged female inmate is a perfect example.

After we had authenticated the daily reports that we were receiving from behind prison walls, we knew something had to be done. And so we began the thing we do best: pushing buttons and pulling strings below the radar. That's one of the reasons HFP's profile is so low. We have dozens of contacts, many of them at high levels, who are willing to help behind the scenes.

First reports indicated that this girl had been hog-tied, wearing no clothing. We tried several maneuvers, but sad reports continued...the woman was forced to sleep on a bare steel slab. No mattress, no blanket. These are violations of the 8th Amendment, according to our lawyer. We worked our contacts from every angle, and we pushed hard. We finally aimed our cannon all the way to the top. Still no response.

In frustration we had to leave the whole matter in God's hands.

Then, just when our feelings of helplessness reached a peak, the matter was resolved. The welcome news came from behind bars. Things suddenly happened. The woman was given clothes. She was moved into a new unit where she can actually sleep on a bed. She'll get the care that a mentally ill person needs and deserves. Prayers answered.

We were reminded, once again, who really pushes the buttons and pulls the strings.

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