Thursday, April 3, 2014

GM & MDOC---Side-stepping the truth

Question: What do GM and the MDOC have in common?

Answer: When it comes to the truth, both sidestep the issues.

If you've been watching the hearings on television, General Motors is having a difficult time. The company obviously knew about defects that could cause problems, but failed to act in a timely manner. The CEO just kept side-stepping the real issues.

But, the truth wins out. GM failed to make necessary corrections, and lives were lost. No getting around it.

If you were at the HFP forum to discuss hospice care in Michigan prisons Monday evening, you heard heart-breaking stories from wives of two prisoners who died behind bars last year. Representatives of the Michigan Department of Corrections and its health-care provider CORIZON could only side-step the issues.

But the truth won out. The MDOC failed miserably in these two instances. The facts as described by these two women were shameful, and no one could shake their stories.

The interesting thing is that top officials would have you believe that these were the exceptions. Yes, perhaps some mistakes were made, but that's not really the norm.

You'll have to go a long way to convince us. Until someone can prove otherwise, we say it's the tip of the iceberg.

And that's why we'll keep clamoring for an improvement in care for dying Michigan inmates.

No more side-stepping.

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