Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A sad, short story...may it make you sick!

I never cease to be amazed as to how human beings treat human beings.

It was a simple telephone call to the HFP office. Could we help a guy just released from the federal prison system? The situation was desperate.

The short answer was no. There are agencies that handle things like this. We don't. HFP works as an advocacy agency for persons IN prison, and only in the state prison system.

But then the lady from this re-entry agency went on to tell her story.

The man was injured while he was in the federal prison system. She informed me in a calm and matter-of-fact manner that the injuries left the man a paraplegic. No surprise. No emotion. Just the facts, ma'am. He entered as a healthy man...he departed as a cripple.

John Doe became eligible for release...and was then released to what was called a half-way house in the Detroit area. He went there because he had no family, no friends, nobody to care for him. A paraplegic. Alone. The kind of person Jesus talked about.

But, things didn't go well at this place. You see, there are rules you must abide by. Rules are important...for prisoners, and for the released. And one of these rules involved cell phones.

The man was simply trying to get some treatment for his health issues, being a paraplegic and all...but he used the cell phone when he wasn't supposed to. Only certain hours for cell phones. Sorry. So he was evicted!

Never mind that he can't get around, that he has no one, that there is no other program to take him in. He's out!

God bless America!

Somebody's gonna be held accountable for this kinda crap someday!

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