Saturday, August 3, 2013

The story lives on

Great news from Winston-Salem North Carolina: The Maurice Carter play has been accepted for a staged reading today. JUSTICE FOR MAURICE HENRY CARTER is a powerful drama written by Donald Molnar and Alicia Payne of Toronto. For years these two fine playwrights have been tweaking the script and trying to pry open doors for public exposure. Today, success! The play will be read on a stage at the National Black Theatre Festival, which is usually attended by more than 50,000 people. Playing the role of Maurice Carter will be veteran Kalamazoo actor Von Washington, who is also an internationally known playwright.

The story line has two important messages: Injustice is unacceptable, and friendship crosses all boundaries.

How amazing is it that the story of an indigent African American from Gary, Indiana, who was wrongly convicted in the 1970s, is still making an impact today?

Who would have ever suspected that the bond between Maurice Carter and me would be so strong that it would touch the lives of people years after Maurice's death?

Thanks to Molnar and Payne, the story is alive and well, fresh and new with each telling.

May God continue to use the play to promote justice and friendship.

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