Friday, August 9, 2013

Give me your tired, your poor...

As an advocate for prisoners---many of whom are lonely and forgotten---I am always saddened by news accounts of people whose lives haven't gone right.

A disturbing story is coming from Grand Rapids this week. The body of a woman was found along a nature trail. She had been murdered somewhere else, and dumped there. The story goes on to give the identity of the woman, aged 47, and then to explain that she had a history of prostitution and was known to frequent an area of Grand Rapids where hookers often plied their trade.

It makes me wonder how much effort police will put into solving this crime in comparison to a similar situation in which a prominent socialite might have been brutally assaulted and killed. In this case, is it just another hooker? Will anyone really miss her, or pressure authorities to find the killer?

How tragic it is that a woman at the age of 47 is still on the streets, all feelings of self worth obviously long gone. Had she ever been married? Did she ever have children? What led to a life like this?

I'm saddened by this saga. This was a child of God, who at one time might have had hopes and dreams like the rest of us.

I'm grateful that Jesus always showed compassion for the poor and downhearted.

I stubbornly stick with the premise that God don't make no junk!

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