Friday, April 5, 2013


If you're getting sick of reading about the lack of heat at Michigan's prison for women, just imagine how sick of it inmates must be.

A few days again we received this message;

Been trying to get these return air blowers reset again. Found out that when they do generator checks and the power goes out and right back on, these blowers reset themselves and on high instead of at the set mark where everyone could at least sleep in their rooms. Third shift officers can't do rounds or counts cause everyone is layered up(again) and sleeping with their head under the blanket trying to stay warm. Can't sit in your room with the door closed or even open it is still freezing cold. Some lazy maintenance guy said it can't be adjusted. Liar. That is why throughout the years they keep getting readjusted. It will be one week tomorrow that we have all been freezing. It sure is inhumane treatment having outside cold air blow on your bed and body all day and all night long. Temps are down in the 20s at night now. I wish they would have to live through this, and see how they like it.

Then, a few days later, we received this sad message from the same facility:

Just needed to vent a little. These people are unbelievable. Because of freezing for a week now. this morning I woke up with my back whole shoulder blade muscles all locked up, because of the rooms being so cold and sleeping in curled up position. I cried most of the morning because of the pain. Took a hot shower. It loosened it up for a moment. Then got tight again when I was in my room. The officer asked me if I was OK and I told her no and explained how I woke up. She so casually looked at me very unsympathetic and said yea sometimes the blowers are high and sometimes they are low. Really.... and I am crying while I am telling her I can't take the cold anymore. I just walked away from the desk. The other officer seemed to care and called maintenance to come and turn them down but maintenance will not come over or respond to the call. The counselor even called them Monday and they still will not turn them down. I pray for their evil hearts

I pray for prisoners not being treated properly.

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