Sunday, April 14, 2013

One roll of TP?

Marcia and I often get annoyed when we hear or read about a group of men deciding things about women. This has happened throughout history, both in government and in the church.

But when a woman makes a decision against women...that baffles me.

We complain a lot about how women are treated at the only prison for women in the State of Michigan, located in Ypsilanti. The code name is WHV, the HV standing for Huron Valley. It's a constant uphill battle there, but the bigger surprise is that the warden is a woman. Go figger!

Anyway, here's the latest complaint that we're looking into, one that has come to us from three different independent sources within the prison: There's a new policy, we are told, that limits the female inmates to one roll of toilet tissue per week, regardless of sickness or good health, and one package of sanitary pads per month, regardless of menstrual regularity or difficulties. We keep checking, and so far no one has denied it. But what is the point?

One of the physicians on our panel of advisers was appalled, and labeled the policy unreasonable.

Michigan has a reputation of giving women higher sentences, especially battered women. I have seen male members of the Parole Board do their best to break a female inmate during the interview that could lead to eventual freedom. I have seen a male representative of the Michigan Attorney General's Office reduce a woman to sobbing in a public hearing. This must really make these guys feel good.

But for a woman to enact a policy that reduces staples to an unreasonable level for members of her own sex?

Pure harassment, I contend.

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