Sunday, October 23, 2011

A stitch in time

Another shipment of yarn has just left western Michigan, heading for the Women's Unit at Huron Valley CF in Ypsilanti.

It all began as just a few women in prison wanting to do something creative with their fingers, wanting to do something meaningful with their time. They learned to knit, and they started knitting clothes, and the prison people saw to it that the clothing made its way to the homeless.

Word of the project got out to a woman here in our town who, as a part of HFP's Project Window started corresponding with a pen pal in Huron Valley. She asked if she could do more to help, and the prisoners said they could always use more yarn. That's all it took.

Bags and bags of yarn now make their way to Ypsi. Last week four large bags. More ready to go this week.

And some 100 female inmates are now participating in the program.

And the clothing keeps right on going to homeless people.

Little things mean a lot.

Your continued support of HFP helps to keep this ball rolling.

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