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Monday, October 19, 2009

First-of-the-week comments

From a supporter

I'd like to see the Avalon as a sculpture piece installed at a conspicuous intersection in all its wrecked glory! Dedication: Wrecked but still functioning. And Ron Ross even, the personifier of coordinating such a masterpiece... It's curious how random events often converge into a whole. RIP, Avalon. Your glory lives on!

From a prisoner, commenting on the work of HFP is one thing to be compelled to help someone you know to be innocent. It is another to decide that what a person has done in their past is less important than who they are and how they are treated today. That is a huge leap that can only be made with a strong and pure heart, and I am so glad I have been given the opportunity to meet you.

From an advocate for juveniles in the prison system

If all the kids housed in the MDOC could be followed and supported by a church, what a positive impact that could make in their young lives! Your church in Ferrysburg supported Mr. Carter. Can you imagine how wonderful it would/could be if each MDOC child was matched with a church that could pray, send letters and books, and make personal visits to them?

Thanks to one and all for your constant, unfailing, support and encouragement!

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