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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's drag race time!

All right, girls and boys, it's DRAG RACE TIME and TIME TO RESCUE HFP!

Here's the deal, for those who have never participated. I'm 72 years old and I love Studebakers. I believe they can still win races at the Pure Stock Muscle Car Drags. And so we pulled an old junker of a 1963 Lark from a field in Missouri, and put in the best Studebaker drive train we could come up with, including a supercharged 289 V8 engine! We're still tweaking, but it is a solid 14 second car. On a good day, with a tail wind, new spark plugs and a little extra caffeine for the driver, we can make a quarter mile down into the 13s!

Now here's the deal about HFP. We're broke, but our future is rosy! We now have two organizations pledged to write foundation grants for us, and we have fund raisers who are willing to work without charge to help us get back on our feet! Our problem is right now. We've been so busy with prisoners in recent months that we got behind. I want these grant-writers and fund-raisers to get a fresh start on solid ground.

So, I'm going to race the Gold Rush on Friday and Saturday, September 18 and 19 for HFP. I'm going to make just ten quarter-mile runs---6 on Friday for testing and tuning. Four on Saturday, which will include a shoot-out against a competitor. This will take place at Mid-Michigan Motorplex of Stanton, Michigan. You are welcome to come out!

I'm asking you to make a pledge for every run that is UNDER 14 SECONDS! It it's over 14, it doesn't count. And we want everybody to participate. Heck, if you pledge only one dollar, the VERY MOST IT COULD COST YOU IS TEN DOLLARS!

But we want pledges higher than that! One guy dares to put $150 per run, thinking I'm never going to get below 14! Last spring, I only did it twice!

Seriously, if you pledge $10 per run, the most it will cost you is $100.00. It's tax-exempt because it's a gift to HFP. The only thing you get in return is a grin on your face when I tell you I beat an Olds 442 or a Chevy Corvette! If you'd like to contribute $100 for my registration fee, that would be sensational!

Email your pledges. I'll keep track of them, and I'll let you know on the 20th or 21st how little you owe HFP!

It'll be fun, and it'll be worth-while! Together we'll put HFP back on solid ground.

Doug Tjapkes, President
P.O. Box 687
Grand Haven, MI 49417

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