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Thursday, August 13, 2009

on physical handicaps in Michigan prisons

Michigan prisons and physical handicaps are a poor mix.

Mike had a stroke while in prison, and it affected his entire left side.

The problem is that he was then transferred to another facility. That wasn't all bad: He has been getting adequate medical treatment and physical therapy.

BUT, a caring nurse at the new facility took away his cane...not a good thing for a guy whose left arm and hand cannot move, and whose left leg doesn't let him walk properly. So now he must get up and down stairs without a cane, take a shower without a cane (also no shower chair), go to chow without a cane, and try to use the bathroom without a cane.

All Mike asks is that he be placed in a facility where his treatment and therapy can continue, where everything needed will be on one floor, where there might be a shower and a restroom for the handicapped, and where a doctor or a nurse will let him get around with a cane again.

P.O. Box 687
Grand Haven, MI 49417

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