Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nothing's simple!

In this office, it's all in a day's work!

-Confer with an attorney for a prisoner. The inmate became a changed man and agreed to work undercover to assist federal and state investigators with the understanding that he might then get credit for time served, and receive an early release. He did his job efficiently, and suffered mental and physical injury as a result. Arrests were made and abuses were corrected. Now authorities aren't sure they want to live up to their agreement. The man still sits behind bars.

-Confer with an attorney re a prisoner's parole regulations. The woman has been granted parole if she has no contact with any children under the age of 17. BUT, her youngest daughter, who has been visiting with her in prison regularly and writing her mom on a regular basis, is only 16! Both mother and daughter are beside themselves.

-Confer with an attorney for a prisoner who is hoping to find his adult children. He hasn't seen or heard from them since they were babies.

-Confer with a state official, behind the scenes, to discuss abuses of juveniles in the adult Michigan prison system.

-Hold the hand of a prisoner with an IQ of 61 who committed no crime, has spent 16 years in prison, yet will receive no consideration from a state Innocence Project or the state's Parole and Commutation Board.

-Try to obtain records from the Detroit Police Department showing that a man, charged with murder, was actually in a county jail at the time of the crime!

-And try to help attorneys who believe a man was wrongly convicted. The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, however, cannot provide the necessary files: Unfortunately, we must deny your request...it appears that the file you requested has long since been destroyed in a routine purge of files.

And then we wonder, at the end of the day, why there's no time left for fund-raising.!?

Thank you for your continued help, and for your prayers. We desperately need both!

Doug Tjapkes, President
P.O. Box 687
Grand Haven, MI 49417

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