Monday, July 27, 2009

Is MPRI working?

The Michigan Department of Corrections states that the primary goal of the Michigan Prisoner ReEntry Initiative is to promote public safety by increasing the success rates of prisoners transitionaing from prison to the community. According to the MDOC, MPRI delivers a seamless plan of services, support, and supervision from the time a prisoner enters prison through their return to a commmunity.

We are receiving word from some Michigan prisoners questioning the effectivess of the program. Today this:


The program consisted of an offender refresher class, learning about programs available to a released individual in his/her area, meeting with the assigned parole agent and a transition team, and learning about the GPS electronic tracking system.

The program down here at Ryan (Correctional Facility in Detroit) is a huge mess: mass confusion! The trip, leaving Muskegon, traveling to Detroit and getting settled in a housing unit, took 15 hours in 86 degree heat and no food.

Our security level has been increased, and we are getting paired up with inmates who resent the fact that we are getting out. I have a lifer living with me who hates me, and I have to live each day as if I am walking on egg shells.

That is not the worst of it. The program has turned into a sex offender test-and-trap AND a keep-or-revoke paroles program.

Men are still here who were supposed to have been home June 29. They have been given up to 3 new parole dates. The claim is that this is the result of a 560-question test about sex that is being given under the claim that this is a survey. They have revoked between 70 and 200 paroles, depending on who you talk to and what paper you read.

There are also men who thought they were riding out to their placement only to find themselves in Jackson quarantine!

Many others are just being held down here with no communication with their parole agent or their family.

This is a huge problem, and it is getting bigger by the day.

We were granted our paroles, and most of us are years past our "early release date." We need someone who can shine a light in this darkness. We need a voice. I hope you can help us and our families

OK, Michigan voters, we're talking about your tax dollars in a state where the economy is on the rocks, now being spent on a program with a questionable reputation.

Will you communicate with your state legislators?

P.O. Box 687
Grand Haven, MI 49417

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Steven Maki said...

This is funny, I just talked to MPRI's Jeffrey D. Padden, President
Public Policy Associates, Inc.
119 Pere Marquette Drive, Suite 1-C
Lansing, Michigan 48912-1231
517-485-4477[v] -4488[f]

These people have no clue! I was Maxed out on a 4-15 year bit on July 18, 2009. I did 12.5 years behind prison walls to come out to a world that is in a recession, fast paced, with an education that is over 12 years old.

What assistance have I received...NONE... yes that is correct. I can't even get a phone call back from these people. I am sick of even trying. From what I have seen so far, no one wants to really halp a guy out, but will send you to needless programs and places that will do nothing for you.

What have I gotten, a bus ticket to the city of my choice and a $75.00 debit card that I had no idea on how to use. Someone could of at least assisted me in getting the thing activated so I could get some cash money. My goodness has anyone ever tried to travel with no cash money.

I have struggled to get back on my feet and it hasn't been easy. If it wasn't for some really nice people I'd be right back in prison by now. Money is still an issue and I have no way to support myself. You ask me the system isn't right. The MPRI does NOT work and never will at least for me, I'm on my own.