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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

From a Michigan prisoner to the GR Press

I am a professional project manager specializing in business and finance. I am a resident of New York, and was sent to Michigan for a two year contract assignment. The story of my incarceration is most unusual, but is not the topic of this letter.

I was recently given a book to read from a fellow inmate. The author was Doug Tjapkes, and the book: SWEET FREEDOM. I was so moved by this book, the story line, and the true message of hope… that I have continuously circulated it to others in the prison. I tried to write to Doug, but the letter was returned. I am now turning to you in hopes that you might be willing to help me locate him. My primary purpose is to obtain several copies of this book for my immediate family, and to perhaps establish contact with someone involved in prison ministry. All of my family and friends are in other states or other countries. I am virtually alone
. Mark

The letter made its way to the office of HFP, and I had a wonderful visit with Mark in a Muskegon facility yesterday! He now has a friend in Michigan.

I was in prison and you visited me.

P.O. Box 687
Grand Haven, MI 49417


Betsy said...

thank you so much for visiting my nephew Mark in Muskegon. He is so very far away and feels so alone. I am a nusre in a state correctional facility in New York and see so much heartache every day. I pray for Mark every day as I do our family. He and I talk every week and I am planning to visit him soon. But right now he needs some spiritual guidance and he says there is not much in the facility where he is incarcerated. I talked to him this eve and he told me about your web site. It's a wonderful thing that you have done. I believe Mark was wrongfully sentenced and doing all I can to help him gain his freedom again.
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
God Bless you,

Elizabeth Pierce

RoseMary said...

Dear Doug,
I want to thank you for visiting Mark in Michigan. I am his cousin in California. We traveled back to New York to visit our family and to find a way to help Mark. However our visit was cut short as my husband became ill and we found he has brain cancer. We had to get back home to get treatment without the chance to visit Mark. I know Mark is innocent and it breaks my heart that he is serving time way unbelieveable. I know having all the christian reaching across America to help him, is more incredible than being a millionaire. Thank you so much for visiting him as he is so alone there. I am willing to do what ever it takes to help your organize, I am just a teacher so money is not a lot that I have.
God bless you,
RoseMary Andrus-Mitchell
559 779-8744