Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A letter from Marcia Tjapkes

It was Sunday morning, I was late for church, the Hour of Power was on the TV screen, and Bill Hybels, of Willow Creek Church, was just starting to speak. He was talking about Moses, and God’s instructions to him for helping the hurting Israelites.

Now listen to me very closely. If you get nothing else from what I say in this service, please get this. I think what’s really happening is that God is saying to Moses, “What you…physical violence that made you so unbelievably frustrated and angry, what you saw on earth, I saw all of that in heaven, I heard that suffering, I heard the cries and I can’t stand it in heaven, either. I’m stirred in my spirit and I’m going to intervene and clean up this mess on planet earth, but I’m going to use you to do it, in part, because I see passion in your life. I see your emotion. I see someone who can’t stand idly by when his people are being beaten and oppressed. I see your capacity for activism and I’ve been looking for someone like you who has an internal firestorm that gets ignited in you about the same time it gets ignited in heaven. And I’m going to take your frustration that I share in heaven and put my power into that. I’m going to use you in a very significant way.”

And I thought, “That’s my Douger!”

I was late for church!


Your help is critically needed at month's end to maintain this internal firestorm! Please!

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