Sunday, May 10, 2009

He's a winner!

Spencer Hassevoort, 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hassevoort of Spring Lake, was awarded a plaque by HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS for assisting the prisoner advocacy agency in fund raising this past winter. It wasn’t the only award the young Hassevoort received Saturday night, at the annual awards banquet of BEVRA (Big Extreme Vintage Racing Association).

The association presents oval snowmobile racing on Tamarack Lake at Lakeview, Michigan, most Saturday afternoons during snowmobile weather. All of the other drivers are adults, but they have learned to give a lot of respect to the 11-year-old driver. He races in two events each Saturday with his 1978 Yamaha 300 Enticer. This past season, he won first or second place in every event!

Spencer and his father Scott, who also races and who also serves as his son’s mechanic, gave HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS the opportunity to accept pledges for each of his races from would-be contributors. HFP President Doug Tjapkes, in presenting the award Saturday night, said the youngster’s racing skills brought in about $2,000 in tax-free contributions to the local area charity!

Winning is nothing new for the youth. Last year he took home six first-place trophies!

The banquet was held Saturday, May 9, at McKenna’s Village Restaurant in Lakeview.

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