Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some Interesting Reads...

I recently came across a copy of an article by Kristyn Komarnicki entitled "In the Furnace of Affliction". After a brief conversation, she notified me she had a number of prison-related articles she would like to share. If you have a minute, here they are:

Lost and Found 

by Hans B. Hallundbaek

Unique programs are equipping thousands of incarcerated individuals to use prison as a time to discover their gifts and their God rather than brood over what they have lost.

Trading Knives for a Double-Edged Sword 

by Mae Elise Cannon

Once known for its violence, the Louisiana State Penitentiary is famous now for the gospel that is preached within its walls and spread to other prisons by inmate missionaries.

The Correct Way 

What would an ideal prison look like? Five people from within the criminal justice world share their goals and dreams.

A Sacred Opportunity

by Kristyn Komarnicki and Sharon Gramby-Sobukwe

Joanna Flanders Thomas of the Centre for Hope and Transformation in Cape Town explains how her heart became hooked on prison work.

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