Friday, September 2, 2011

Well said, James

I often talk about my friend James, the prisoner who has listened to his conscience and who lives in fear every day because of that.

He has testified in case after case where he saw wrongdoing.

His devastating testimony has toppled people in high positions, as well as lowly crooks. If they did wrong, and James was a witness to their wrong-doing, he dared to take a stand for what is right. Because of his damaging testimony, James' very life is in danger. Constantly.

This week prison officials decided his message was good enough to be repeated. And so the prison psychologist set up him to speak to a group of 26 teenagers in the youth unit at the Thumb Correctional Facility. I often worry about these kids, because many if not most of them have not been in prison before, and that's the perfect place to learn the wrong lesson.

So James spilled his guts to these guys.

"It's OK to blow the whistle when you see injustice," said James. "If you believe in your heart that it's the right thing to do, do it!"

James spoke for an hour and 21 minutes, and he said, "Those cats listened!"

Said the prison psychologist, "Well said, James."

We say the same.

Well said, James.

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