Wednesday, August 26, 2009

on bear hunting

Some days the bear gets you…
Other days, you get the bear!

This is bad:

Prisoner Mr. S is back in the hospital, this time with a Staph infection! One day they tell him it’s a problem in his intestines, and the next they test him for diabetes. The fact that his blood pressure remains so high, he has swollen legs and feet, he is told he must see a cardiologist (but this doesn’t happen), and he has severe weight loss…all while he is on dialysis…gives me concern. I wonder about the adequacy of Michigan prison health care, and the lives that are likely in jeopardy.

This is good:

The Michigan Parole and Commutation Board has revised the rules for a mother being released from prison who had been forbidden to see or care for any children under the age of 17. You see, her youngest daughter is 16, has been visiting her regularly in prison, and has been writing letters on a regular basis. Mother and daughter were distraught. Thanks to Michigan advocacy programs, including HFP, the board will allow the family to stay together!

This is bad:

The Parole and Commutation Board gave me a public hearing, because I have been in prison 25 years. I was guilty of being with some people who committed a crime. I was in their company, but not at the time of the crime. I have turned my life around, I have never had one ticket while in prison, I am teaching Bible classes and mentoring when possible. NO ONE opposed my release. Yet, in the public hearing, the Attorney General’s assistant persisted with the same questions for three hours about the layout of a house, which I couldn’t remember. I cried the entire three hours. I have now learned that the board turned me down for another 12 months! I am at the end of the road and feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

This is good:

HFP asked a local pastor to visit a prisoner whose entire family is either out of state or out of the country: I had a great visit. I read to him from Jeremiah 29 and prayed for him before I left. Thanks for encouraging me to visit. It was a real blessing to be there and to spend time with him.

The hunter of the bear needs ammunition. Your support touches lives! We must NOT stop now!

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