Prisoners: Not visited by God dropping down from a cloud!

Sometimes the members of our team just need an attaboy! Sometimes prisoners grumble, sometimes we fail in our attempts to help, sometimes we’re there with too little too late, sometimes we cannot find the right words. It’s not all fun and games in the HFP office. 

Five years ago, a wonderful Roman Catholic nun, internationally known for her fight against the death penalty and author of Dead Man Walking, Sister Helen Prejean, came to Grand Haven as our guest speaker for the HFP author/lecture series. I had occasion to review a video of her comments this week, and it renews my excitement about the unique mission of HFP! 

She insisted, in her lecture, that we’re doing “the God work in the world, the Christ work.” Added Sister Prejean: “Prisoners aren’t visited by God descended in some cloud and going to prison. It’s folks like us!” 

Why do we do what we do? 

“It’s always around compassion. It’s always around justice. It’s always to those who have no voice and nobody on their side! That is why we do what we do, and that is so precious! It is a glorious thing that we have been called: HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS. It’s couldn’t be a better title!” 

As an amateur who started little agency in borrowed office space, using a borrowed computer 23 years ago, I couldn’t be more proud! 

And I couldn’t be in more agreement with Sister Helen: 

After a while we begin to realize, “I’m not just going there (behind bars) for those prisoners…it’s what they also give to me!” 

A dedicated team of staffers and volunteers has made a difference in the lives of some 10,000 Michigan prisoners! I invite you to learn more. 

And Sister Prejean’s advice to you and me--- 

“Lavish love on others…receive it gratefully when it come to you. Cultivate friendship like a garden. It is the best love of all.”










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