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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Who are these people?

The President of the United States claims wrongful conviction in an impeachment trial. His alleged supporters, who believe he is innocent, oppose the introduction of witnesses who could prove their point. Duh!

Maurice Carter, black man accused of shooting and injuring an off-white cop in Benton Harbor back in the 70s, has a team of supporters who found the real shooter and found his friends who admit that they hid him and whisked him out of town. Berrien County’s white prosecutor and white judge refuse to listen.

Across the United States, prosecutors are informed that DNA evidence could establish proof of innocence or guilt in their cases. They oppose its introduction.

Battered women who finally take action to save their own lives, wind up charged by prosecutors with murder, convicted by juries, and sentenced to prison by judges…all citizens of their own communities!

Beautiful signs in front of churches expound the message: EVERYONE WELCOME! Everyone, that is, except those who struggle with sexual identity and preference, or whose skin is of a different color, or whose past includes imprisonment…especially on sex charges. Members prefer not seeing them, or hearing them, let alone sitting with them.

Corrections officials hope to establish re-entry centers in communities so that former inmates can get a new start. Local citizens are in support of re-entry into society, but not in their neighborhoods.

Certainly, the mentally challenged need help. Our institutions should not have been closed. Our jails and prisons are now overrun by persons struggling with psychological problems. But change won’t come quickly…we’re reluctant to spend tax dollars on things that don’t really affect us.

An itinerate preacher who sees to it that the sick are healed, the blind get new vision, the deaf hear again, the insane become sane, even some believed to have been dead are given new life…this preacher gets taunted and teased by a crowd during his actual execution!

Who are these people?

Just a minute. Join me in front of the mirror.

I think I just found them.


Unknown said...

Gréât post,Doug. But you’re not one of those people!
Mike Scripps.

ABC said...

Doug, you hit the nail on the head with the deinstitutionalization with our mental health communities. Looked good on the surface, but the burden of care was moved from a protected environment to the community and now prisons, both completely inadequate to serve those in need of care. At best selective deinstitutionalization may have been better. Some people just need to be protected from society, because clearly society is not protecting some people. Tony C.

Unknown said...

How powerful. How truthful. Thank you.