Monday emails---a mixed bag: A Lenten message

Monday morning. What will the prisoner email inbox show this morning? As I open it, I’m thinking of Lynda Randle’s delightful song, GOD ON THE MOUNTAIN IS STILL GOD IN THE VALLEY.

Prisoner #1, in the valley:

Times haven't been the easiest lately. After my last request for commutation was denied, I've tried moving on. My mother was my rock and gave me all of my strength, now she's gone. I'm trying hard to still be strong. My dad is all that I have left in this world and I'm trying to be there as best as I can for him. It sure isn't easy though. This place makes everything so complicated and hard. I hope that, when this nightmare ends, I'll be able to make her proud.

Prisoner #2, in the valley:

My ankle is so bad! The doctor gave cream for Psoriasis and I had an allergic reaction to it. After weeks had gone by and it got worse, he gave me a different cream. That's what led up to me going to the hospital on Monday because I just started bleeding very bad. I lost about 2 pints of blood. I'm on blood thinner. I have a medical detail for support hose for my leg and the doctor keeps giving me the wrong size that I can't wear. I'm in so much pain and they won't give me anything for it. It's so bad that I cannot put on a shoe.

The next message, Prisoner #3, on the mountain:

I’m floating right now, upon getting the news that my parole is May 31! This is such an overwhelming feeling, and I’m humbled by the trust the Parole Board is placing in me. I would love having the opportunity to work for HFP. My freedom after 48 years demands that I share my experiences. Your support and words of encouragement can’t be measured.

Needless to say, the task, the assignment, for our wonderful, caring and compassionate HFP team is to help when and where we can. But, at the very least, to respond to all in kindness, for as Linda’s song reminds:

The God of the good times
Is still God in the bad times
The God of the day is still God in the night.

I’m especially mindful of this during Holy Week.

Recognizing His gift to us, it’s our turn.

We don’t have a choice.



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