Sunday, December 31, 2017

Needing more than money

I had everything written.

It was a year-end blog telling how HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS does stuff that no one else does, and that no one else wants to do.

At year’s end every charitable organization makes a final pitch for tax-exempt contributions before the December 31 deadline. Been there, done that.

Then, it’s time for us and all of these other organizations to gush about what’s ahead for the New Year! It’s going to be exciting! Right? We need more dollars, right?

And then I got to thinking.

Our pastor, Nate Visker, does something kind of neat each year. He quietly lines up a group of people among his parishioners and friends to pray for him each week. Let’s face it, the minister of every church has a daunting task.

The pace of growth for HFP was unsurpassed in 2017! There’s no question that we need dollars. There’s no option: We must add staff members, volunteers, working space, operating dollars. Not exactly sure where that’s going to come from, or how we’re going to accomplish it.

But, I know why it’s happening: because we’re on the right track. I know that we’re walking in the footsteps of Jesus, as we serve Michigan prisoners one-on-one, when they don’t know where to turn. There’s no one else doing it, no one else wants to do it, and the word is out among inmates. The floodgates are opening. We’re fastening our seat-belts!

So, here’s the old man who started all this, asking for prayer.

-For staff: Doug Tjapkes, Matt Tjapkes, Holly Honig-Josephson
-For volunteers: Jennifer Juhasz, Jane Curtis, Gail Winters
-For directors: Cindy Anderson, Judy Vander Ark, Karen Wolters, Mary Berghuis, Mike Scripps, Russ Bloem
-For Medical Consultant: Dr. Bob Bulten
-For advisory staff: We cannot publish names here, but there are now more than 20 compassionate doctors, lawyers, social workers and pastors who assist us daily (quietly and behind the scenes) as we deal with a multitude of in-house problems faced by our friends behind bars.

We’re placing 2018 in HIS hands!

Your dollars are welcome and important in the new year. Your prayers are necessary!

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