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Monday, January 18, 2016

Anatomy of a prison obit


December 15, 2015---Message to HFP from the wife of an inmate:

Hi Doug;   I am writing on behalf of someone my husband knows, who is desperately ill.  He has no one on the outside to help him.   Apparently masses have been recently seen on imaging of his liver, kidney and pancreas.  He is getting a biopsy today.   The pain is already so great that my husband had to help him walk. Would you please investigate and be in touch with whomever needs to be contacted to make sure he gets comfort care at least? You know "they" won't even give an aspirin, and with an enlarged liver ibuprofen should be contraindicated I would think; not that any of that is worth a pinhead against liver and pancreatic cancer.  He would appreciate any efforts that bring him the least relief.  I doubt he has much longer - a few months at best.  I had a friend die of pancreatic cancer and it was a tortuous and cruel death, even on the outside. The inmate's name is Adophe Crisp #169329, and he is at Saginaw CF.  Thank you in advance for anything you can do to relieve this man's suffering.

HFP reaches out to the inmate the same day:

Dear Mr. Crisp, I'm sure you do not know me. My name is Doug Tjapkes, and I'm the President of HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS. A friend of yours has asked that we try to assist you with some medical issues. We were not able to get a clear picture of your health problems and issues, so I'm wondering if you could please get back to me.  I'm not promising that we can help, but we certainly would like to try. Peace and love, Doug

Inmate replies on the 18th:

Dear Doug:  Thank you for your recent email and interest in my medical problems.  A recent CT scan revealed that there are two tumors on my liver, one tumor on my right kidney and one on my pancreas.  I have been told that the results of a liver biopsy will determine the next course of action in my case.  All help and support you may be able to give me at this will be greatly appreciated.  Sincerely, AC

HFP Response on December 21, 2015:

We’ll do everything we possibly can…just keep us informed.  Warm Christmas wishes!  D

Medical update from the prisoner on 12/23:

Dear Doug:  The biopsy results came back today and was positive for cancer.  But the good news is that I will be seeing a cancer specialist at a Cancer Center in Lansing.  Thus far I’m receiving excellent care and I believe I will get very good treatment at the Cancer Center.  The medical people have been moving very fast on my case.  Thank you very much for anything you may do on my behalf.  Sincerely, AC

Doug quickly responds:
I’m so sorry to hear about the biopsy results but so encouraged to hear that you are getting proper treatment.  Amazing strides have been made in treating cancer.  I’m praying that these newer methods and medicines work in your case!  Peace and love in the new year, D

No news until today---this from the inmate’s wife who first notified us:

Adolphe Crisp passed away.   Thank you for what you did to give him courage and comfort.  God was merciful to end his suffering.

An open bed at Saginaw Correctional Facility.  Broken hearts in the HFP office.

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